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The National Gallery in London has renamed the work of Edgar Degas from a series presented in museums around the world called “Russian Dancers”. The pastel is now on display on the gallery’s website with the signature Ukrainian Dancers.

The picture got a new name by mid-March. Miriam Nayem, an artist from Kyiv, announced this on her page on a recognized extremist social network in Russia. She said that six years ago at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles she saw a pastel depicting women in Ukrainian costumes with the caption “Russian dancers”, and was hurt by the generalization.

In March, Miriam Nayem wrote in Getty, the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the National Gallery in London, asking to rethink the name. A positive answer came from Great Britain.

“The name of this painting has been the subject of constant debate for many years and has been covered in the scientific literature, but over the last month it has received much attention due to the current situation, so we thought it was appropriate to update the title to better reflect the theme,” he said. a representative of the National Art Gallery to the British publication The Guardian.

“Ukrainian Dancers” is currently not exhibited in the gallery.

The French Impressionist works depicting dance scenes in national costumes are on display at the National Gallery of Sweden and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, among others. On their websites, the definition of “Russian” remains in the titles of the paintings, as well as in the Getty Museum and the Metropolitan Museum.

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