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The superfinal of the third season of the show “Mask” was shown on NTV. This program is a Russian adaptation of the world-famous Korean project King of Mask Singer. The masks were removed by Bee, Dragon, Monster and Anubis on the evening of May 1, 2022. There were some surprises.

Who under the mask of the Bee in the show “Mask” 2022

She was the first to take the stage A bee. “I was buzzing until the final,” said host Vyacheslav Makarov. When Kirkorov told the “earthworm” that she would finally open the mask, she retorted that the pop king would be ashamed. And Regina reminded of her old version that video blogger Anya Pokrov is hiding in the Bee costume. “I have a feeling that our Bee is subject to all genres, she can do absolutely anything,” said Valeria.

For the superfinal of the third season of “Masks” Bee chose Kirkorov’s song “Illusion”. “Happy birthday, all for you!” Cried the Bee, addressing Philip Bedrosovich, who had tears in his eyes. “You sang one of my favorite songs. <...> I’m grateful for those moments of nostalgia!” – said the chairman of the jury.

Who’s the Bee in the third season of “Masks”. Video © VK / ntvmaska

“Guys, it seems to me that Anastasia Stotskaya is there,” Valeria voiced her version. “I’ve seen her everywhere for this project, but not in the” bug “. Note Life) I’ll take it out of this room on handcuffs, “Kirkorov countered.” Friends, I think there’s a wonderful actress who played Lada Dance so wonderfully. <...> Actress, singer, her name is also Valeria – this is one of my favorite women [имён] “Valeria Lanskaya,” said Timur Batrutdinov.

Who’s in the Dragon Mask

Who is the Dragon in the show “Mask”. Video © VK / ntvmaska

Kirkorov admitted that he heard the familiar dragon “Yeah!” at his concert in St. Petersburg by Ildar Abdrazakov. And the jury members once again began to wonder if the opera singer could be hiding under a mask The dragon. This participant in the final performed the song Can’t Take My Eyes off You. “This is a world-class voice,” said Filipp Bedrosovic. And Valeria had the feeling that the Dragon was singing a song to her. Batrutdinov voiced the following versions: Elchin Azizov or Ildar Abdrazakov can perform in the costume of a mythical creature.

Who under the mask of Anubis

Steel press, exceptional vocals, divine magician and sorcerer – this is a description of the fantastic Anubis. “I’ve already said that he is one of the strongest vocalists in three seasons,” Timur Rodriguez reminded. Batrutdinov did not rule out that Anita Tsoi is performing in Anubis’ costume. This mask in the last program of the third season sang “There is no me” Sevara.

Who is Anubis in the show “Mask”. Photo © VK / ntvmaska

“I myself do not understand why Anubis’ voice touches me so much, say, to the depths of my soul? To every string of my heart,” Todorenko said in tears. “This wonderful artist has a huge soul that pours out on us through music. <...> Every appearance of Anubis has a powerful impact on us,” said Valeria, adding that this artist performs well in all genres. Batrutdinov is sure that Anubis is Maria Zaitseva from the duo “# 2Mashi”. “I was, as always, a little numb for a while. <...> I got up so I wouldn’t be nailed to a chair,” Rodriguez admitted.

Who is in the mask of Anubis. Video © VK / ntvmaska

And Kirkorov is sure that Maniza, who represented Russia at Eurovision, is hiding under the mask of Anubis: “I hear Maniza, I hear Masha and other artists. <...> But I will still stay with my version.”

Who is in the mask of the Monster

Monster decided to surprise everyone and sang potpourri. Kirkorov noted that on April 30, his “brother for Eurovision” Alexei Vorobyov was sitting in the second row at his anniversary concert. Batrutdinov’s assumption is TV presenter Dmitry Guberniev. “Why not Garik Martirosyan?” Regina clarified.

Who is the Monster in the third season of “Masks”. Video © VK / ntvmaska

Which of the finalists of “Masks” took off the mask first

Batrutdinov voted for the Bee to be the first to declassify his identity, and at first he named Monster, but Kirkorov made him laugh. Valeria voted for the fourth place to go to the Bee. Regina noted that she was very heavy (not only because she was already plus ten kilograms due to pregnancy), and decided to expel the Dragon. Rodriguez remarked that each of the masks was insanely dear to him: “I don’t even know, let’s find out who’s under the Bee’s mask.” Philip also voted for his favorite “bug”: “I take off the mask of the Bee.” And in the second round of the superfinal were Monstrick, Anubis and Dragon.

Who's the Bee in the third season of the show "Mask".  Photo © VK / ntvmaska

Who’s the Bee in the third season of the show “Mask”. Photo © VK / ntvmaska

Todorenko mentioned the name of Lada Dance, talking about who is under the mask of the Bee. Rodriguez voiced the version that Nadezhda Angarskaya is in this suit. “I’m between two fires, and they both ignited the flames of love,” Philip said, saying Lada Dance. Honored Artist of Russia Alsou hid under the mask of the Bee. “I was talking!” Batrutdinov shouted. And the singer recalled how Kirkorov said that “Alsou will not behave like that.” “In you lives, then, the alter ego,” – said the pop king.

Singer Alsou was hiding under the mask of the Bee.  Photo © Telegram /

Singer Alsou was hiding under the mask of the Bee. Photo © Telegram /

“I had to guess when the Bee called me a Tatar,” said a frustrated Batrutdinov. “You all understand that for the first time in three seasons, a man came to the finals, whose mask we take off and none of us is ready? I just put it on my shoulders,” Rodriguez told his colleagues. “I honestly didn’t think it would go that far and I would be in the final. It’s a fairy tale for me,” Alsou admitted. And sang the encore “Love of tired swans”.

Mask show, finale: the second part

In the second part of the 12th issue of the third season, the first of the three finalists came on stage Monster and incendiarily performed by Bohemian Rhapsody. “An incredible character. We have seen so many of your transformations on stage. You are an incredible artist, you are an actor, you are a singer, you are a stuntman, including. I am sure that after opening the mask you will be loved even more,” she said. Regina.

Anubis as the second song for the finale he chose the track of Christina Aguilera Lady Marmalade. “Again, he just put it on his shoulders, because this man has so much energy. <...> Where does so much energy come from? How Anubis burst into the stage across the hall in Kirkorov’s style. Said Valeria.

The second song that the Dragon sang was “Melody”. “I am very happy to perform this song by Muslim Magomayev, our great artist,” admitted the participant of the show. Kirkorov carried this composition into his childhood memories: “Thank you, Dragon, for these memories <...> I have a shiver running through my body today. <...> If it weren’t for this song, my parents might not have would meet. “

Mask show, finale: who won

Who won the third season of the show "Mask".  Photo © Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation) / newname19

Who won the third season of the show “Mask”. Photo © Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation) / newname19

The jury members distributed the seats as follows:

3. Monster

2. Anubis

1. The dragon

Monster is in the top three in the third season "Masks".  Photo © VK / ntvmaska

Monster – in the top three in the third season of “Masks”. Photo © VK / ntvmaska

Alexei Vorobyov became the bronze prize-winner of the third season of the show “Mask” – here the jury guessed. Interestingly, when the singer took off Monstrick’s head, the whole hall saw the face of Anita Tsoi – the performer put on a mask. “Lyokha, bravo! What are you doing anyway?” Shouted Kirkorov and company. “It’s like a matryoshka, it turned out. A monster!” Batrutdinov remarked. “It was a great adventure for me to create and create all this. <...> To discover a stand-up comedy,” Vorobyov admitted. And performed the encore Runaway Baby. “You are a winner for me,” Philip told Monster-Sparrow, who was leaving the stage.

Who was hiding under the mask of Anubis, who was awarded second place by the jury? Rodriguez decided that this was a phenomenal, fantastic, amazing Masha Zaitseva. “I absolutely support my colleague, my friend,” Todorenko said. Batrutdinov and Valeria also called the same name. And Kirkorov decided to stand out and called Maniza. Maria Zaitseva, the soloist of the group “# 2Mashi”, turned out to be Anubis. She thanked the audience for their support, the creators and the team “Masks” – for a unique project. “It was an incredible adventure. True. It’s a kind of fantasy and celebration,” said Zaitseva-Anubis, to whom Regina presented flowers. In farewell, Maria sang Sunny.

Opera singer Ildar Abdrazakov was hiding under the Dragon's mask.  Photo © VK / ntvmaska

Opera singer Ildar Abdrazakov was hiding under the Dragon’s mask. Photo © VK / ntvmaska

The winner of the third season of the show “Mask” was the Dragon. Before this participant revealed his true face, the jury made the latest assumptions. It was unanimously decided that the Dragon is a new crash, the new hero is a two-time Grammy Award winner, Honored Artist of Russia Ildar Abdrazakov. The king of the opera stage addressed the audience and members of the jury, thanking him for his honest emotions. “It was happiness to talk to you, to hear your applause,” Abdrazakov said, admitting that as a child he dreamed of becoming not only a truck driver but also a pop artist. After receiving the prize from Kirkorov, Abdrazakov performed a song from the repertoire of the pop king “The Only One”.

We will remind, the following heroes also took part in the third season of “Masks”: Dog (Roman Kostomarov), Pavlin (Albina Janabaeva), Horse (Nonna Grishaeva), Joker (Nawai Bakirov), Octopus (Natalia Podolskaya), Leopard (Marie Kraimbrery), Baby (Ruslan Alekhno), Donut (Irina Ponarovskaya), Capricorn (Nikita Presnyakov) and Fly agaric (Evgeny Dyatlov).

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