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Renata Litvinova hospitalized in France

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At the end of February, Renata Litvinova went to France with her friend Zemfira. She did not comment on why she decided to leave. Now it has become known that Litvinova was in a hospital in France, he writes Renata seriously excited her fans after she posted a picture from the hospital bed on her microblog. The frame shows that Renata installed drips. Litvinova decided not to tell the fans what exactly happened to her. However, she reflected on life under the photo and noted that the sun was shining outside her window.

It is worth noting that Renata has never spoken about what is happening in Ukraine. What can you say about Zemfira, with whom she spends time. At first, Zemfira held two concerts in Moscow and did not comment on everything that began in the neighboring country. However, later, when she was in France, she posted her song with footage from Ukraine. Thus, she still made her political statement, albeit later.

Photo: Instagram

Later, a photo from Renata Litvinova’s microblog was deleted.

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