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“Mildred Pierce”, “On the Call of Sorrow”, “OA” and other shows that did not become big hits, but remained in the hearts of viewers.

So many good and even great series came out in 2010 that some of them remained in the shadows: they did not enter the top of the best TV shows of the decade, did not leave any noticeable trace in pop culture. We are talking about seven modest but noteworthy series of the last decade.

Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce Trailer

The HBO mini-series came out in 2011 and went relatively unnoticed. “Mildred Pierce” is based on the novel of the same name by James M. Kane, the founder of the genre “cool detective”, the author of “Double Insurance” and “The Postman Who Calls Twice”.

The action takes place in California in the 1930s. The main character Mildred Pierce is an exemplary housewife. She recently put her unfaithful and unemployed husband on the threshold, and now she has to provide for herself and her two daughters.

Thanks to her talent for baking delicious cakes and innate ingenuity, the heroine builds a successful business, has an affair with a rich handsome man and provides the family with a more than tolerable existence during the Great Depression. Years go by, and Mildred, immersed in worries, does not notice that her daughter from an angelic girl grows into a beautiful and dangerous monster.

All five series were directed by Todd Haynes, the creator of “Carol”, “Velvet Golden Vein” and “Far from Paradise” – and simply a great American author. Hypnotizing the viewer with retro-visuals, Haynes charges the routine with Hitchcock’s suspense and imperceptibly leads to a rather tough denouement. The main star of the series is Kate Winslet, who seems to have played a role here all her life (although in last year’s “Mayor of Easttown” she is also a miracle as good).

“On the call of sorrow”

Trailer for “Call of Sorrow”

A teenage girl who died in an accident four years ago. A young man who committed suicide ten years ago. A little boy who was shot back in the 70’s. All of them suddenly return from non-existence to their homeland – to a small French town in the Alps. They return in exactly the same way as before their death – and do not remember anything about their deaths. And relatives and friends now need to somehow come to terms with all this and take their dead back.

The first season of the French series came out in 2012, became an international hit, the basis for a couple of remakes (though unsuccessful) and even provoked a small tourist boom: people began to come to Haute-Savoie, where the shooting took place.

The success was more than justified. During the eight episodes of the first season of “On the Call of Sorrow” he steadily intrigued: from series to series the tension grew, new and more and more strange details opened up, it became more and more interesting to exist in this electrified space. All this was facilitated by a luxurious visual series, a hypnotic soundtrack from famous post-rockers Mogwai (Many, including the author of these lines, learned about the series just thanks to them) and the general dense atmosphere.

Mogwai – Wizard Motor

After the first season, the creators took a break for three years, and during this time the passion for the project has subsided somewhat. The second and final season came out three years later and was not much worse than the first – but less catchy.

The colors faded, snow fell in places, the half-flooded city fell into disrepair, there was no trace of the former tension. Inevitable sadness has finally settled in these places, the end of times has come. And in the midst of this timelessness, souls – both dead and living – are rushing in search of someone close. The spectacle is, on the one hand, less entertaining than the first season, which pleased the twin-pix mystique, and on the other hand, it is deeper and more touching.

One way or another, “On the Call of Sorrow” is one of the most interesting interpretations of the theme of the living dead. Without eating brains, but with the soul.


Portland Trailer

A sketch show about the manners of Portland, Oregon, the hipster capital of the United States, where, according to the series, live DJs, indie rockers, photographers, cyclists and pickle makers.

Most of the roles are played by Sleater-Kinney rock band Carrie Brownstein and SNL comedian Fred Armisen. They transform into a boring married couple, then two feminists, then punk, then ready, then themselves, which is also quite funny.

«The Dream of the 90s is alive in Portland»

The series boasts a large number of invited guests, not only actors, but also respected musicians – such as Jack White and Eddie Vedder. Kyle McLachlan is the crowning mayor, and his assistant is Sam Adams, the real mayor of Portland at the time.

Sketch about the group BWOW

The series lived quietly for eight seasons and ended, probably because those whom he ridiculed disappeared – in fact, hipsters. Despite its irrelevance, “Portland” looks great now, and some episodes – such as the awesome sketch about the fictional group BWOW – want to review again and again.

Sketch about … well, you got it

“Portland” balances on the verge of intelligent and affordable: every reference to a cult indie album here is a joke about farting, and it turns out funny in both cases.

“Stop and burn”

Early eighties, Silicon Valley at the dawn of the computer age. A former IBM employee decides to build his own computer and compete with the corporate giant. To do this, he puts together a dream team of a couple of engineers and a brilliant coder, arcade and punk fans. They are taken to the garage to invent the first laptop in history, but this is just the beginning of a great story: then the heroes will create a prototype of a social network, will move into the gaming industry.

The series started in 2014 on the AMC channel, known for its hits “Madmen” and “Into the Heavy”. “Stop and Burn” did not repeat their success, but received favorable criticism, lasted four seasons and ended on time.

From the point of view of the genre “Stop and burn” – a production drama, a story about people obsessed with their work. This series is good not only for its plot and truly living characters, but also for the carefully reproduced color of the era: old-school computers and consoles, text quests and the first message boards, punk rock and new wave.


Love Trailer

Judd Apatow really started his career at the turn of the millennium with the cult series “Freaks and Geeks”. After that, he mostly did feature films (“A little pregnant”, “Forty-year-old virgin”), but periodically returned to the small screen. “Love” is not his most famous project, but he invested all of himself in this series: he was the author of the idea, screenwriter, director and executive producer.

The action takes place in Hollywood, but the main characters are not industry stars, but small bipods: Gus is a teacher who dreams of becoming a screenwriter, Mickey is a producer on a radio station. Both have big problems in their personal lives: Gasa is abandoned by his girlfriend because she was infuriated by how cute he is, and Mickey is trying to break out of a strange relationship with a drug addict-sectarian. The heroes encounter in the store, spontaneously smoke, then for a long time embarrassed to write each other a text message…

By all accounts, this series was supposed to be a romantic comedy, but Apatow deprives the story of even a hint of romance. It’s all about the characters: Gus gives the impression of a nice nerd, but in fact he is still a manipulator, and Mickey – an alcoholic with a completely chaotic lifestyle. Both are already over 30. Both are quite unpleasant. And in both you can easily recognize yourself.

The series lasted three seasons and left at its peak, remaining one of the most honest love stories on modern TV.


OA trailer

The craziest sci-fi of modern times, this series really deserves the name “Very strange things”.

“OA” begins with the fact that a blind girl named Prairie, after a seven-year absence, returns to her foster parents – enlightened. When asked by her parents and the FBI, the heroine is silent, instead she gathers local teenagers in the attic and tells them her story: about childhood in the family of a Russian oligarch, years of imprisonment in the basement of a sinister doctor, strange experiments, moving around the world with modern dance…

The connection is heartbreaking, but with each episode of the case in “OA” becomes “stranger and stranger”: there are talking roots of the tree, and a huge intelligent mollusk, and even the group Shortparis. All this is based on the hypnotic Brit Marling, who was not only an actress, but also one of the creators of the series.

“OA” lived only two seasons and left the audience with many unanswered questions. But even in this form, it should not be missed: it is an amazing spectacle that can be safely put on a par with “Twin Peaks” and “Donny Darko”. And you can not bet, because in fact, “OA” is unlike anything.


Maniac Trailer

Despite the name, there are no maniacs in the series. This is not another detective or thriller, but something difficult to define in terms of genre.

In the uncertain retrofuturistic future, pills have been developed that can replace the trip to the psychoanalyst. Trials of these drugs reveal a sad schizophrenic and a rude girl with a terrible secret. A journey into the depths of the subconscious awaits them – fun and dangerous.

“Maniac” is a truly unpredictable show in which a person can turn into a falcon or, for example, a Russian spy from the Cold War. In the year of its release – and this was 2018 – it thundered quite loudly. He became popular with director and screenwriter Carrie Fukunaga, one of the authors of “The Real Detective”, as well as the stars of the first magnitude John Hill and Emma Stone in the lead roles.

The series ended on the first season, flashed a bright flash, and now seems a greeting from some other life, distant and carefree.

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