Remember the boy from the PSY video “Gangnam Style”? Here he is now

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Back in 2012, the track PSY “Gangnam Style” conquered the world, and for many people it was their first acquaintance with K-Pop. Incredible concept, memorable lyrics and cult dance – everyone was obsessed with this track.

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In particular, one of the characters in the video, which attracted the attention of viewers, was a little boy from a music video. The child was daring, full of life and won the hearts of fans with his charisma.

As soon as the video was released, everyone wanted to know who this boy was, and it turned out that his name was Hwang Min Wu. After the young star became famous in 2010 thanks to the show “Korea’s Got Talent”, PSY contacted him and in almost one night the boy became famous all over the world.

Let’s move to 2022. What is the young star doing now? Well, he was only seven years old when the video was released, and now that almost ten years have passed, he is definitely far from the young boy that network users first saw, as he is now 16 years old.

In their social networks Hwang Min Wu regularly publishes photos for its 10,000 subscribers.

In many of his photographs, he wears the iconic yellow school uniform, which is known to belong to students of the Seoul School of the Arts (SOPA). The school was a training ground for some popular idols, including Chonguka from BTS, Kaya from EXO, Yunho from ATEEZ and many others.

And his dancing skills are as good as his childhood. He definitely has a desire to become a world star as well PSY.

He even uploaded covers of YouTube, in which he dances to tracks such as “The Feels” TWICE and epic potpourri of songs BTS.

There is no doubt that at 16 years old Hwang Min Wu has already reached heights. He will definitely find a way to make a name for himself in the Korean entertainment industry.

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