Regina Todorenko shared her feelings about her second pregnancy

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10:58, 28.03.2022

According to the TV presenter, she is full of anxiety, pain and fear.

31 years old Regina Todorenko revealed the public its interesting position in mid-March. Then the TV presenter appeared on the show “Mask” on NTV in the costume of Venus from Botticelli’s canvas and confirmed that she is expecting a child from a musician Vlada Topalova. He will be second for the couple. The couple is already raising a three-year-old son Michael.

At the same time, as Regina Todorenko notes, her second pregnancy is overshadowed by depressing thoughts. She shared her experiences with her subscribers. “From March 27 to 28, I learned that I was pregnant with our firstborn. I was overwhelmed with wonderful feelings: joy, tenderness, awe, endless love. With the second baby, unfortunately, I am overwhelmed with anxiety, pain, fear… What can I do? How to cope? I know that these hormones are transmitted to our baby… “- the publication quotes Todorenko StarHit.

Note that despite the situation, Regina Todorenko continues to work. Telediva admitted that she became more emotional during her second pregnancy. Yes, she gave free rein to her feelings and cried after the favorite of the “Masks” Anubis performed on the stage of the TV project and sang “Winter-Cold” Andrey Gubin. The TV presenter reacted to the speech with tears, saying that the baby in the abdomen begins to move every time he hears Anubis, as in each of his performances, this participant puts his soul.

Regina Todorenko stopped hiding her second pregnancy

According to Todorenko, after a hard day and overwhelmed with emotions helps calm down and relax water. She noted that this is an opportunity for pregnant women to recover. “In the water you are left alone with your problems, tasks, thoughts. At first there is even a feeling that you are suffocating. And then you finally remember that life is developing inside you. A life you just have to save, ”the TV presenter shared her thoughts.

After Regina Todorenko’s second pregnancy ceased to be a secret, the TV presenter’s husband decided to comment on the good news. Vlad Topalov posted a family photo on his personal blog, confessing his love for his wife and son and noting that he would support and protect them. He wrote that Regina was now particularly vulnerable and vulnerable. “My duty as a husband is to love my wife always. And in joy, and in sorrow. What I do with great love and a pure heart and I will do until my last breath, “Topalov added.

It should be noted that Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov have been happily married for more than two years. They married in Italy. The celebration was attended by family and friends, as well as their son. The couple often dedicate touching publications to each other and also confess their tender feelings.

Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov

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