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Regina Todorenko complained of severe trials during her second pregnancy

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Now Vlad Topalov’s 31-year-old wife is expecting her second child. The couple hid the pregnancy for a long time and only recently decided to reveal the truth. However, many fans of Regina Todorenko have long guessed about her “situation”. Now the presenter shared with subscribers her feelings about the ongoing pregnancy.

“From March 27 to 28, I learned that I was pregnant with our firstborn. I was overwhelmed with wonderful feelings: joy, tenderness, awe, endless love. With the second baby, unfortunately, I am overwhelmed with anxiety, pain, fear… What can I do? How to cope? I know that these hormones are transmitted to our baby… “- Regina Todorenko shared her feelings with fans.

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The TV presenter is worried about her parents who stayed in Odessa, although she tries to remain optimistic and believe in the best. At this difficult time for the former host of “Eagle and Tails”, she is warmly supported by her husband Vlad Topalov. “I love my wife and son the most in the world. Especially now that she is so vulnerable and vulnerable, she needs my support the most. Without clarifications, analyzes, even without the search for truth. My duty as a husband is to love my wife always: both in sorrow and in joy. My duty as men is to protect and love my country and homeland, as my father raised me, and his father raised him, ”the 36-year-old singer said in a personal blog.

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We will remind, Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov live in marriage for four years. During this time, they had a son, Michael, whom the couple call Michael, and now the couple is expecting another baby. Until the sex of the child is disclosed.

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