Reflex Group sues IBA 1 million rubles for using music in promo video – Basketball

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The group “Reflex” sued the club of the Russian Super League MBA 1 million rubles for using the cover version of the song “Non Stop” in the pre-season video.

On January 17, the band’s producer Vyacheslav Tyurin filed a lawsuit in arbitration. The author of the music thought that although the club did not use the song directly, it still deserves a fine.

The amount of the claim was 1.06 million rubles. The arbitral tribunal fully satisfied the musician’s claim.

“Today’s hearing took place, and the court did satisfy the statement of claim,” the General Director of the IBA told Igor Kocharyan. – Honestly, we do not fully understand the motivation for the court decision. Now, within five or seven days, we must receive a document stating what such an amount consists of. Next, depending on what information we receive, we will prepare for the appeal. Our representative presented the position of the club at today’s meeting, but I do not know what the court heard or did not hear. When the decision is documented, we will understand how to build a further position.

We thought we could use a cover version of this music, because we are not a commercial organization, but a semi-social project. We didn’t use it to make money. It was a presentation video that we posted once on the club’s social networks. It’s not the same when a band uses music or songs at their concerts, where they make money directly. This is a debatable issue. I wanted to discuss all this and come to some kind of compromise, but so far this is the solution. “

“We work so as not to invite legionnaires.” The General Director of the IBA – about 400 million, veterans and Makara Konovalova

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