recovered Amber Heard disappointed her husband

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Lena Miro is sure that the actress had something to surprise her ex-husband.

Secular columnist Lena Miro decided to compare Amber Heard’s new photos with footage from old films starring her. The blogger came to the disappointing conclusion – in a few years, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife has recovered and now no longer looks as attractive blonde as she was before.

According to Miro, Amber scored very little. However, even these seemingly insignificant extra pounds were enough to change the oval face.

“She was a dazzling blonde with a triumphant look of cold eyes – she became a lovely woman of size M with an apologetic smile. Depp must have been shocked to see such a metamorphosis. The price of the issue is 5 kilograms, ”she stressed Miro.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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