Reason for pride: the book by Volgograd writer Yevgeny Lukin was among the top five

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He is for glory, he is in abundance of courage,
another – to please the ringing money,
and I write every year in horror,
that I will not write anything more.
Eugene Lukin.

Residents of the Volgograd region have another reason to be proud: the famous Russian writer, poet and bard, whom the people of Volgograd rightly consider their own, Eugene Lukin again conquered the literary Parnassus. The author’s collection of poems “Remaining to Survive the Planet” was included in the top five best books of poetry in 2021.

Alas, the Volgograd media for some reason did not react to a significant event. Evgeny Yurievich modestly wrote about it on his Facebook page.

– The good news came from the NG-Ex libris columnist: my collection of poems “Remaining to Survive the Planet” was included in the top five best books of poetry in 2021. On the cover – the work of Volgograd artist Vladislav Koval “Conversation with the Spirit”. Unpleasant news: due to the poor state of health, I do not have the opportunity to escape to the authors’ concert in Moscow. I will perform remotely. For the first time in my life, – wrote Yevgeny Yurievich.

Vladislav Koval, a longtime friend of the Lukin family and the author of the cover of a new book, told that the first version of The Conversation with the Spirit was written in 1986.

– I have been working on this topic for a long time. The picture, placed on the cover of Zhenya’s book, was painted in 1999. She complemented the semantic load of the book very well. In general, even the same picture on the covers of different books can have different meanings and open their new facets, – said Vladislav Eduardovich.

There are only enthusiastic reviews about Evgenia Lukina from Vladislav Koval, which is not surprising: the great Volgograd masters have been friends and collaborators for a long time. And critics and colleagues in the shop have a long-standing opinion of Lukin.

The annotation to the book “Remaining to Survive the Planet” presents several opinions.

“Probably the best malicious and stylistic (not stylish) science fiction in today’s devilry, recognized by all and sundry, and also revered by us as a first-rate poet, original without originality.”

Vasily Makeev.

“In almost every one of the poems, a smile and irony, which are Lukin’s favorite poetics, turn the other way and, barely laughing, you start thinking about things more than serious.”

Sergey Vasiliev.

«Probably the best quatrain written in Russian in the last thirty years:

Look: there is a tsunami
over the shells of apartments.
(So, getting rid of us,
beauty saves the world.)

Neither reduce nor add.

Dmitry Bykov.

We will add that on 340 pages more than 700 poems of the author are collected. Unfortunately, the book is no longer on sale: popular services report that the product is over ..

The editorial staff of the portal congratulates Evgeny Yurievich on his well-deserved award and recognition.


Evgeny Yurievich Lukin is one of the brightest representatives of domestic fiction, first of all humorous. Possessing a subtle and precise language, a bright, recognizable style, he describes with unique irony the surrounding reality and fictional worlds.
He was born on March 5, 1950 in Orenburg. He replaced ten cities, three schools, and four universities in twenty years.
In 1974, together with his wife Lyubov Lukina, he finally settled in Volgograd.
Lukin became famous after he co-authored stories with his wife. And the sparkling humor of the Lukinys quickly found its fans, they even received the nickname “Ilf and Petrov in fiction.”
Evgeny Lukin has not published his first “solo” short story “Words” (1993-1994) for three years, and after its publication in 1997 the story won two prestigious awards in the field of fiction – “Interpresscon” and “Wanderer”.
In 1997, the novels “Robbery Evil Moon” and “We Rid Your Sun” were published.
In 1998 – “Zone of Justice”, in 1999 – “Scarlet Aura of the Proto-Party”, in 2000 – the story “Blind Guides” and about a dozen new stories.
All works have collected a whole collection of various awards and prizes in the field of fiction. Eight Interpresscons, four Bronze Snails, three Wanderers, three Sigma-Fs, two Fancons, two Star Bridges, two Star Bridges, the Sword in Stone Genre Award, the ABS Award, and the Small Golden Ostap “.
In 2000, his first collection of poems, Smoke of the Fatherland, was published in small numbers in Volgograd. In the same year, Literaturnaya Gazeta declared Yevgeny Lukin the winner of the Golden Calf Award of the 12 Chairs Club for cycles of ironic poems.

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