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How to turn your own nightmares to your advantage? The British writer Joseph Delaney, who created a series of books, The Witcher’s Apprentice, knows the answer to this question. We tell you how to read an epic fantasy saga about growing up, magic and the fight against evil.

The plot of the cycle “The Witcher’s Disciple” (also called “The Witcher’s Chronicles”) is based on English legends about ghosts and memories of Delaney himself. One of them is really scary: as a child, the author often saw the same nightmare, in it a strange shadow tried to drag the boy into a gloomy cellar. The most inexplicable and frightening thing about this fable is that Joseph’s brothers had exactly the same nightmare.

The Delaney saga tells the story of the growing up of Thomas Ward, the seventh son of the seventh son. Such people are endowed with the ability to see, hear and feel ghosts. Tom must be trained by the Witcher to fight various supernatural beings.

All the books in the Witcher’s Apprentice series are in the order in which they are read below:

  • The Witcher’s Disciple (2004)
  • The Curse of the Witcher (2005)
  • The Secret of the Witcher (2006)
  • The Battle of the Witcher (2007)
  • The Wizard’s Mistake (2008)
  • The Victim of the Witcher (2009)
  • The Witcher’s Nightmare (2009)
  • The Fate of the Witcher (2011)
  • “I – Grimalkin »(2011)
  • The Witcher’s Blood (2012)
  • “Sliding” (2012)
  • “My name is Alice” (2013)
  • The Witcher’s Revenge (2013)

However, Delaney did not limit himself to creating a damn dozen novels about his hero. IN within the framework of the world he invented, the writer began to develop new cycles. They became part of the large series “The Universe of the Witcher’s Disciple”. The first of them – trilogy “Chronicles of the Star Sword”. The books in it tell the story of the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter and part-time student of the adult Tom Ward. Read this cycle in the following order:

  • The Witcher’s Schoolgirl (2014)
  • The Resurrection of the Witcher (2016)
  • The Destiny of the Witcher (2017)

Now the author is in the process of working on another series within the framework of this fantasy universe. So far, she has two novels: Brother Wulf (2020) and Wulf’s Bane (2021).

For a time, writing was just a hobby for Joseph Delaney, which he combined with teaching in college. His amateur fiction was not popular at all. Fame came to Delaney thanks to the teenage fantasy novel The Witcher’s Apprentice. Most often, the sequels of high-profile bestsellers are not very successful, but with the works of the British did not work. The new books sold well, which allowed the teacher to leave college with peace of mind and start building a career as a writer.

The series became so popular that in 2009 Warner Brothers rushed to buy the rights to adapt the first novel, The Witcher’s Apprentice. IN As a result, the film, entitled “The Seventh Son”, was shot by Sergei Bodrov Sr. IN the cast included the names of Hollywood stars such as Ben Barnes, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. The project seemed doomed to success. Alas, the picture turned out to be extremely unsuccessful. It did not recoup the rental costs of its creation and PR. Whether Hollywood will try to film the famous series again is an open question. It seems a sin not to take advantage of such a successful source again with a huge number of fans.

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