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Writer Liana Moriarty has already published nine novels. Is there a difference in the order in which they are read? And yes and no. Let’s understand.

To begin with, let’s say at once: Moriarty has not yet written a series, so there is no single correct order for reading her books. All of them – independent works that can be read in any sequence.

Moriarty was born in Australia, engaged in marketing, and later went into copywriting. Writing was just a hobby for her, but at some point Liana decided to send the manuscript to a publishing house. The impetus was that her younger sister published her own book. No, a miracle did not happen: Liana Moriarty’s first book did not bring her fame and success. But she did not give up, and the second novel has already borne more fruit.

And yet Liana Moriarty received her main piece of literary fame only after the sixth book – We all know her as the author of “The Big Little Lie”, which became famous, in turn, due to the series of the same name. Does this mean that the rest of Moriarty’s books can be left unread? Just the opposite! If you liked “The Big Little Lie” or other well-known books by Moriarty (for example, “Nine Strangers”, which also recently released a series), it will be interesting to read her early works. They clearly show not only how Moriarty developed as an author, but also how she researched key topics for her work: marriage, women’s path, relationships, female friendships, parenting difficulties, dangerous secrets kept by seemingly ordinary people. .

So, here are Liana Moriarty’s books in order:

2004 – “Three wishes”
2006 – “Last Chance”
2010 – “What Alice forgot”
2011 – “The last love of a hypnotist”
2013 – “My husband’s secret”
2014 – “Big little lie”
2016 – «Faithful, mad, guilty»
2018 – “Nine complete strangers”
2021 – “Apples never fall”

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