Reading order: “Insanely rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan

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Kevin Kwan, author “Insanely rich Asians”, publishes a new book, “Sex and Vanity”. It is a modern novel of manners that continues the association between Kwan’s work and Jane Austen’s books (“Asians” has been called the “Pride and Prejudice” of our time). While we wait for the novelty, we tell you in what order to read the famous trilogy “Insanely rich Asians”.

Kevin Kwan and his “Insanely Rich Asians” are a literary phenomenon and an example of how success and money magnetize even greater success and even more money. Kwan comes from an ancient wealthy Asian family, his great-grandfather was one of the founders of Singapore’s oldest bank. Kwan himself made a brilliant creative career in America and at some point began to think about his roots. He began writing stories from his childhood, and so his trilogy about insanely rich Asians was born.

In the first part, Rachel Chu from New York intends to spend the whole summer in Singapore with her boyfriend Nick Young. Only Nick kept silent about one tiny detail: he comes from a fabulously rich family and is the most enviable groom in the country. Rachel finds herself in an almost fantastic world of incredibly, unbelievably, insanely rich people. There are strict rules in this world, strangers are not welcomed here. In three books, Rachel has to prove to everyone that she is worthy of respect, keep her love and find the truth about her own past.

In the series “Insanely Rich Asians” are three books, in the order in which they are worth reading:

“Insanely rich Asians”. In this book, we meet Rachel and Nick for the first time and find ourselves in a world of luxury and wealth. The habits of the rich are striking, as if the reader is watching alien beings – it’s just incredible that these people live with us on the same planet (and we remember that everything described in the book Kevin Kwan drew from his own biography).

“Insanely rich Chinese girl”. Rachel and Nick finally get a chance to get married. In addition, the heir to the billions of Nick does not smile at all to sacrifice personal freedom, and he is diligently trying to avoid the dictatorship of super-rich relatives. And Rachel is persistently looking for her father – she is also interested in the roots, but not in the sense that her newly acquired family.

“Problems of insanely rich Asians”. Nick’s grandmother, the same one who separated him from the inheritance because of the mesalliance, at death. Nick is not even allowed on the doorstep, and a cloud of heritage hunters is already swarming around. Who will get it and will Nick be forgiven?

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