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Narine Abgaryan’s books are both good and tragic. IN they have a place in a fairy tale or, if you will, related to Marquez’s magical realism, but there are also many real, even autobiographical ones. Abgaryan’s prose was “born” in the LJ era – it was the readers of the Living Magazine who became the first to learn and love the stories about Manyunya and Ponaehavshuya. We tell in what order Narine Abgaryan’s books were created and how to read them correctly.

So, first of all Narine Abgaryan – This is, of course, “Manyunya”. The first story about the friendship of two girls, a grandmother and summer came out in 2010 year, two more sequels were subsequently published.

In parallel with “Manyuney” Narine Abgaryan wrote and published stories of “Ponaehavshey”. IN based on these texts, the life of the writer herself, her move to Russia, attempts to earn at least some money in the crazy nineties. IN books are stylistic flaws, but Abgaryan’s humor and style are already quite recognizable.

Interestingly, despite the success of “Manyuni” for both adults and children, the writer herself believes that she has only one children’s book. This is co-authored with Valentin Postnikov’s “Chocolate Grandpa”.

About 2014 People’s favorite Narine Abgaryan is ready to declare herself as a great writer. Her books “People who are always with me”, “Three apples fell from the sky”, “Simon” – no longer cute comedy stories, but an appeal to family history and culture, an attempt to comprehend national identity, deep psychological plots and a whole galaxy of original characters, each more interesting. The connection with Abgaryan’s favorite writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez is becoming more and more obvious: she loves atmospheric, airtight family sagas.

One of Abgaryan’s latest books to date “Simon.” It is about the mason Simon, whose funeral was attended by all his favorite women – and each, of course, has its own story. IN this book has a lot of wisdom and sadness, but also a lot of humor and hope. Probably, this is the quintessence of why we love the writer Narine Abgaryan.

So, here is the complete order of reading Narine Abgaryan’s books:
• Manyunya (2010)
• “Manyunya writes a fantastic novel” (2011)
• The Wife (2011)
• “Manyunya, Ba’s anniversary and other anxieties” (2012)
• “Semyon Andreich. Chronicle in doodles “(2012)
• “Chocolate Grandpa” (2014)
• “People who are always with me” (2014)
• “Three apples fell from the sky” (2014)
• “The Happiness of the Wall” (2015)
• Zulali (2016)
• “People of our yard” (2016)
• “Living further” (2018)
• Simon (2020)

And by the way, you knew that books about Manyunya have been screened?

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