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The new capital this time will be Yaroslavl.  The author is Marina Stepnova, winner of prestigious literary awards.

The new capital this time will be Yaroslavl. The author is Marina Stepnova, winner of prestigious literary awards.

“We get double leaves, today will be dictation!” At what point did these frightening words from school childhood turn into a great party of all ages. Here the pleasure of great texts meets the passion to challenge yourself? In 2010, when the hilarious, at first glance, the idea of ​​mass writing under dictation went beyond the boundaries of Novosibirsk State University and attracted people to different cities. It turned out to be extremely cool – especially if you read for a famous Russian writer.

On Saturday, April 9, the annual educational campaign “Total Dictation” will take place. The new capital this time will be Yaroslavl. The author is Marina Stepnova, winner of prestigious literary awards.

Fiction novels by Marina Stepnova and other authors of the action “Total Dictation” can be found on the shelves of bookstores “Read the City”.


Stepnova M.

Quote from the book:

“Quail froze again, as if hoping that Boryatinsky did not come for her or does not exist at all, as there is no personal death. Only strangers die. And each of us is secretly convinced of his own immortality. “

Especially for “Total Dictation” Marina Stepnova created a text about the first love in the atmosphere of the XIX century. Therefore, the novel “Garden”, the action of which takes place at the same time, will certainly help to set certain expectations. So, in the middle of the XIX century, in the ideal Boryatinski family, an unexpected child is born and plunges everyone around into chaos. The story of a spoiled rebel in the middle of a strict society, told in a viscous, figurative language of incredible beauty.

Women of Lazarus

Stepnova M.

Quote from the book:

“Happiness is native, hot hands that will never let you go, will not drop you, even if the whole world has turned upside down.”

A novel that won the Big Book Award and gained popularity in Russia and abroad. A poignant, painful family saga about love and dislike. At the center of the events is Lazar Lindt, a brilliant scientist and a big child. Around him, like planets around the sun, revolve the stories of the women of his life: someone else’s wife Marusya, whom he will love with secret love; a young girl Galochka, whose heart will be torn away from her hated husband; the granddaughter of the orphan Lidochka, the possessor of great talent, instead of great happiness turned into a curse.

Godless alley

Stepnova M.

Quote from the book:

“It’s scary to think about the guilt of children, voluntarily, silently, without saying a word to anyone. My mother died because I was playing with matches. Dad left because I’m ugly and I’m not studying well. The quarrels of the parents, the dried up oil, the sun rising from the wrong side, the hamster curled up in an icy clump at the bottom of a three-liter jar – there is no grief that the child would not take on.

A beautiful and scary book about wounded people and crippled destinies, which are not due to, but contrary. Ivan Ogarev is one of the millions of owners of an unhappy childhood, now a doctor and a husband who would be happy to live a different fate, but the circumstances are stronger than him. Until the day when love does not settle in his average life – and with it freedom, passion, determination on the verge of madness…

The author of “Total Dictation – 2021” Dmitry Glukhovsky


Quote from the book:

«It is said that before the Disintegration they listened to completely different music, but it was all on the Internet, and there were no recordings or posters left of it. And the mass of all kinds of guts has survived from Russian rock: CDs, cassettes and posters. “

The new novel by the author of the cult trilogy “Metro” once again immerses readers in a truly created world after the global catastrophe. Russia collapsed to the Moscow Empire, whose borders run along the Volga. Nobody knows what is beyond the borders, the poisoned river has been an insurmountable barrier for years. But one day it becomes clear that there is someone there. Or something deadly, threatening the new world. Now the emperor gathers a detachment of brave men in the dark lands.

Author of “Total Dictation – 2020»Andrey Gelasimov

Wind rose

Quote from the book:

“By paying attention only to the work necessary to survive in the endless sea desert, a person gradually finds a balance with it. And this is not the sea shrinking to the limits of his soul. This soul grows to the size of the sea. That’s the only way to become a sailor. “

In the full sense, the classic historical novel skillfully transports the reader to the mid-nineteenth century, where the future Admiral Nevelsky gathers an expedition to the Far East. The most valuable region promises sky-high prospects to its conquerors. But the lands are wild, harsh and no man’s land. Apart from Russia, other major geopolitical players – the United States, Britain and China – are claiming them. Despite everything, a small group of Russian naval officers managed to secure vast territories in the Far East for Russia.

Author of “Total Dictation – 2018» Guzel Yakhina

Echelon to Samarkand

Quote from the book:

“People are not created for joy or pleasure. But also – not for death. People are made just for life. ”

Guzel Yakhina’s brilliant debut, the best-selling book “Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes”, has given modern literature a new star, and each new book becomes an event. “Echelon to Samarkand” – a travel novel, definitely withstood the bar of high expectations. 1923 A train with homeless children is moving from Kazan to Samarkand. And on the way they are waiting for a lot of incredible, amazing, sometimes terrible experiences; severe trials; amazing meetings. Before us comes to life the eccentric world of little tramps with their language, psychology, superstition and hopes…

Author of “Total Dictation – 2015» Eugene Vodolazkin

Justification of the Island

Quote from the book:

“Some things cease to exist because that they are bad: it’s just their time. And they begin their existence not because they are good: their time, on the contrary, has come. It’s time to collect stones, and it’s time to scatter them. “

Inducing the inevitable references to Marquez with his “century of loneliness”, but an original and realistic Island, where times and eras intertwine, and events evoke an amazing sense of recognition. Princes and presidents meet here with the lord of bees and a talking cat, the Middle Ages – with modernity, a fairy tale – with everyday realism. According to ancient prophecy, the island will face great challenges. And the reader – definitely an unforgettable journey into timelessness, masterfully created by a specialist in ancient Russian literature and one of the most talented authors of our time.

Author of “Total Dictation – 20thirteen» Dina Rubina

Maniac Gurevich

Rubina D.

Quote from the book:

“The boy worked hard, he loved simple artel work: sit hard, pull a thin path out of a lump of cotton wool with two fingers, wind it up, think about what you want. This is the freedom of thought and imagination. “

Another author who needs no introduction is Dina Rubina, who wrote this novel during the pandemic. By her own admission, she wanted to create “such a space and such a” temperature of emotions “where the reader could not just hide, but go in and be there, breathing easily, albeit sadly, but also smiling.” The result is a touching, bright, warmed by a warm smile and filled with light sadness novel about all of us – with recognizable characters, authentic events and great love for man. Available for pre-order now.

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