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The Ministry of Statistics estimated the shortage of coated paper due to EU sanctions at 40% of the volume consumed in Russia, writes RBC. The ministry did not specify on the basis of which data these calculations were made. The agency believes that the book industry will have to use domestic varieties of offset paper or refocus on imports from other countries, especially from China.

Coated paper is usually used to print the most expensive and high-quality publications with illustrations that require high color rendering, as well as newspaper and magazine products and advertising. According to Tatiana Ivanova, a member of the board of the Union of Printing Industry Enterprises (GIPP), such paper accounts for about a third of the books published in Russia. Almost 71% of supplies were provided by European countries. In total, in 2020, imports of coated paper, according to the FCS, amounted to 636 thousand. tons for a total of $ 601 million or 80-85% of the market.

Almost 42% of imports come from Finland, 10% from Germany and 8% from Sweden. The share of China, which is now proposing to reorient the Ministry of Finance, in 2020 was about 16%. Russian producers of coated paper – “Kama” and “Ilim” occupy 15-20% of the market, says Ivanova.

According to the President of the GIPP Alexei Ivanov, the domestic coated paper in March has risen in price by 34% compared to the beginning of the year: up to 110 thousand. руб. per ton. The Ministry of Figures allows the associated increase in the cost of books. Most materials and components for the printing industry are imported and depend on exchange rate fluctuations and logistics costs, said a ministry spokesman. Russian publishing houses are forced to raise prices and reduce plans due to rising production costs, RBC reports.

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