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Rastorguev told why he would not celebrate his birthday

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The leader of the Lube group is preparing for a more important event.

On February 21, Nikolai Rastorguev celebrated the 65th anniversary. Alas, but the undisputed leader of the group “Lube” chose to abandon the lavish celebrations. The performer will not even have a feast.

Rastorguev admitted that he is now too busy preparing for a large-scale concert in Moscow.

“I’m busy. I will not have any feasts, just prepare for the concert. Tomorrow I have a concert at Crocus City Hall. Thank you very much for the congratulations. Come to our concert, ”the portal quotes Rastorguev “TV program”.

In honor of the round date, Rastorguev also recorded a solo album “Svoe”, consisting of original songs.

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