Rastorguev reacted emotionally to plagiarism of the hit “Lube”

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Fans of the band call on the musician to restore justice.

Nikolai Rastorguev commented on the possible plagiarism of the singer Beyonce. According to fans, the actress copied the hit “You carry me by the river” in her new song Be Alive.

Fans first talked about the theft of the song in November last year, when the celebrity first presented his novelty. In comments on social networks and on music platforms, many Russian-speaking fans pointed out that the beginning of both songs is almost identical. Therefore, they have no doubt that the actress stole music from the group “Lube”. Now the singer has released a video for the song Be Alive, which led to the second wave of accusations. However, Rastorguev, as it turned out, does not believe in the evil intentions of his American counterpart.

“I did not see the video. But this topic was already discussed six months ago, “the musician said in an interview with the portal Newspaper.

It should be noted that Beyonce herself does not react to the attacks of fans of the domestic group.

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