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Rapunzel asked subscribers to transfer money to her husband’s card to buy a gift for her daughter

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Olya published her husband Dmitry Dmitrenko’s card number on her personal blog and asked everyone to transfer the money that will go to the child.

“Who wants to congratulate Vasilisochka, here is the card number. I was so interested in how many people want to congratulate Vasilisa. I will even show you what the amount will be, and we will buy her a gift from you, ”the 34-year-old reality star shared with her subscribers.

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Enemies immediately ran into Olga, assuming that her family was not doing well with finances. “What insolence – to ask for money for a gift to a child!”; “Is everything so bad in this family?”; “Can I also transfer money for dinner at a restaurant ?!” – the villains ulcerate.

Olga decided to give subscribers the opportunity to congratulate her daughter

Olga decided to give subscribers the opportunity to congratulate her daughter

Until Rapunzel reacted to the hatred in her address, to which, by the way, she has been accustomed since the days of participation in “HOUSE-2”. But even after leaving the project, Olya often faces harsh criticism.

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“It simply came to our notice then. I want to be heard. The situation is stifling, we are not allowed to live in peace. My children are suffering! Our family was harassed. It started as soon as we left the project. People unknown to me write crap, complain about our accounts. TikTok’s husband has already been demolished. They hesitated to restore it. They found out our phone numbers. They write all sorts of crap to me and my husband, threaten, blackmail, send videos of my photo being burned. They wish us death, insult children. They found out our address, ”she lamented.

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