Rapper Sleepy first showed his bride on television

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Rapper Sleepy surprised viewers by showing his beautiful bride for the first time on television.

February 21 Sleepy appeared as a special host on the SBS show “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny». On this day Sleepy introduced himself: “Hi, I’m Sleepy and have been a groom for two years». He clarified: “Earlier I made an announcement about the wedding. It was supposed to take place in July last year, but was then postponed to October. Then we moved it again to May this year, but now we will get married in April. “

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Kim Suk joked: “Is the eternal groom your new concept? There are rumors that your bride is an artificial intelligence». Sleepy replied: “That’s why I decided to show my bride today. This is the first time I’ve shown wedding photos».

Sleepy attracted a lot of attention as soon as the wedding photos appeared, because his bride could boast of exceptional beauty, being on the same level with celebrities. The guests and hosts of the show were impressed and said: “Wow, she’s beautiful»,«She looks like a celebrity»,«Is she a model?»

However Sleepy shyly explained: “She is an ordinary person. She used to work, but now she has a break».

In response Kim Gu Ra asked Sleepy: «Are you planning to appear on this show after you get married?He continued to joke: “You must be short of money, which is why you postponed your wedding several times».

Sleepy replied: “This is true“, And clarified:”In fact, I’m just happy to have the financial stability to get married. I think I will move to where my bride and her sister now live».

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