Rapper Pharaoh, Lucy Chebotina, 16-year-old e-sportsman and oncologist: Forbes has compiled a new ranking of promising Russians under 30

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Rapper Pharaoh, Lucy Chebotina, 16-year-old e-sportsman and oncologist: Forbes has compiled a new ranking of promising Russians under 30

Rapper Pharaoh

Russian Forbes has published a new rating “30 to 30”, uniting young and promising representatives of various fields – entrepreneurship, science, art and sports.

Thus, Anastasia and Maria Vanyushina, the founders of the nastyamasha clothing brand, fell into the “Fashion and Design” category. The things they created are sold in Los Angeles, where Kylie Jenner has already noticed them – the celebrity starred in nastyamasha dresses in a new family reality show. The founder of the Ch4rm brand Nikita Chekrygin also got into the rating – Dua Lipa and Grimes have already tried on the brand’s clothes. The beauty industry is represented in the category by Sergei Naumov, makeup artist and founder of the cosmetics brand.

The most promising models in the editorial office were 23-year-old Tanya Churbanova and 22-year-old Oleg Sedantsov, who debuted on the catwalk only this year, but started right from the top show – Prada.

Oleg SedantsovOleg Sedantsov

Also in the category were Emmy America photographer and 17-year-old jewelry designer Liliana Grigalashvili, Alina Grigalashvili’s sister, who worked as a fashion editor at Vogue before closing in Russia.

But at the same time Liliana is not the youngest participant in the ranking – this title goes to 16-year-old e-sportsman Ilya Osipov. The ranking also includes Olympic athletes: skier Natalia Nepryaeva, who won this season and in the overall standings of the multi-day Tour de Ski race, figure skater Mark Kondratyuk and biathlete Christina Reztsova.

The “Art” category includes 24-year-old Maxim Sevagin, who was recently appointed artistic director of the ballet at the Theater. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater Eleanor Sevenard, actor Alexander Kuznetsov and artist Polina Osipova, who collaborated with Gucci.

Polina OsipovaPolina Osipova

Singer and singer of the hit “Sun of Monaco” Lucy Chebotina, rapper Pharaoh, ticker Anya Pokrov and blogger Hasbik were also included in the Forbes rating in different categories. Forbes also noted fewer media personalities. For example, the rating included oncologist Maxim Kotov.

Telegram channels are also already discussing the new rating, and some participants were treated with irony, hinting that they did not achieve everything themselves, but had a good start – for example, wealthy parents.

Needless to say, the ranking can be a map of European universities, especially universities in the UK. We counted at least 12 graduates of European educational institutions in the ranking. The path of some to these institutions was direct. For example, Zheltov was born in Moscow, at the age of 10 his parents sent him to a summer language school in the UK, and at the age of 15 he began to study there at a boarding school on a permanent basis, after which he entered the London School of Economics.

– wrote in the telegram channel “Ruthless PR” (The text is about 29-year-old Alexander Zheltov, the founder of the Educate Online platform).

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