Rammstein spoke out against the war with his new music video: “Time, please stop”

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Rammstein released a music video for the song Zeit, which became the first single from the upcoming album of the same name. The song “repeat time, please stop” is constantly repeated in the song. The premiere of the German band’s new album is scheduled for April 29, he writes DW.

Video screenshot

We will not talk about the content clip, but it leaves a lot of room for semantic interpretations. The video was directed by Berlin actor, musician and writer Robert Gwisdek.

Earlier, Rammstein vocalist Til Lindemann, who has long been considered a fan of Russia, openly opposed the war and supported the Ukrainians, and with him – and his colleagues in the group.

On site The group wrote in German, Ukrainian and Russian: “Rammstein would like to express its support for the people of Ukraine who are resisting the terrible aggression of the Russian government. First of all, at this moment we deeply sympathize with the Ukrainian people and mourn their suffering. Each member of our group is connected to two countries in one way or another. All members of the group have friends, colleagues, partners, fans in both countries, “the statement said.

At the same time, the group reminded that “humanity is inherent in both Russian and Ukrainian citizens.”

These days, Til Lindemann, along with other volunteers, is helping out at Berlin’s main train station, where many Ukrainian refugees have been arriving in recent days.

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