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Photo: Andrew Cooper / Sony Pictures / courtesy of Individuum

The Russian publishing house Individuum has published a Russian edition of Quentin Tarantino’s book “Once in Hollywood”, which is an essay based on his film of the same name. That is, before us is not a banal (strange as it may sound in relation to Tarantino) director’s script, but a real novel. The work of art rhymes with the film, but it can be read, even if the movie is not watched, and those who watched – the more curious. The book garnered a very good press in America (although there were those who did not like the novel), and in Russia the critic Anton Dolin described it as “an elegiac sad, unhurried, Proustian caustic novel about the spirit of the time.” Electronic version and audiobook already available.

Photo: provided by Individuum

“Roman and Sharon Polanski are riding in an English” roadster “with an open top on Sunset Boulevard. Sharon hates this car.

He hates her age.

He hates the sound with which Roman switches gears.

He hates shitty radio reception.

But most of all he hates that it’s a convertible and that

Roman always demands to go with an open top.

A couple’s affair with Warren Beatty jokes that “life is too short not to ride in convertibles.”

It’s easy for him to talk about his page. But Sharon spends a lot of effort to style her hair properly. And when it stacks and looks luxurious, what should they be hidden under a shawl?

This is a crime against beauty.

The Hollywood couple finished filming on Hugh Hefner’s TV show “Night Playboy”. At ten o’clock, they rush from the 9000 building on Sunset, where the filming took place, and pass by the Ben Frank Coffee Shop and the Tiffany Cinema, where Andy Warhol’s Lone Cowboys is advertised on a canopy.

Roman himself knows that he should not have agreed to a new event the day after the party at the Playboy mansion, and he feels her hostile silence. He understands perfectly well what she was planning this evening

spend in bed with a book. And he knows that it is much harder for her to beautify herself for television than for him.

And yet she got prettier, and left the house, and endured everything for him.

But now is the time of the Cold War. Sharon has such a sunny character that when she hides her sun, the effect is freezing.

In the shitty dynamics of the “roadster” the voice of the night disc jockey on radio 93 KHJ, Humble Harva, as well as the ridiculous song of Diana Ross and The Supremes “No Matter What Sign You Are, You’re Gonna Be Mine You Are” . It was time for Roman to show remorse and gratitude and wake the blond bear.

“Listen, darling,” he begins, “I know you didn’t want to be filmed today.”

The red roof of Der Wienerschnitzel on Larraby can be seen through the roadster’s windshield as Sharon looks at him and nods.

“And I know you’re offended that I didn’t ask your opinion at first because I was tactless,” he continues.

And again she nods.

“And I know you’re very patient with that.”

In fact, she had been moaning all day in Jay’s company, but Roman didn’t know it.

Finally the blonde sphinx says:

– Yes, it’s all true.

“You’re a real angel,” he says, “and that’s why I love you.”

“Ah, so that’s why you love me?” She thinks and rolls her eyes.

Thanks to this, he understands that, perhaps, it would be possible to say something smarter.

Passing London Fogg on one side of Sunset and Whiskey-e-Go-Go on the other, Roman tries to reconcile:

– In general, just know: I understand that I owe you.

“And what is it?” debt? – She is not lost.

– Well, I mean, I’m in debt before you for doing all this.

– I know. I agree. So how are you going to pay off your debts?

To be honest, Roman didn’t take his words as seriously as she must have, so he was a little confused.

– Well, probably, as if… – he thinks on the fly, – you can without preparation offer me to do what I do not want.

“That’s right”He thinks. This is fair compensation.

To give examples, he says:

– In the sense that sometimes you find some charity and are seriously interested in its support…

She interrupts with just a few words:

“Party.” By the pool.


“Party.” By the pool.

“Pool party?” Simply. When?



– Yes, today.

“Oh, baby, I’m so tired.” I’m leaving for London tomorrow. I so wanted to go home and…

“Whistle-whine!” I told you the same thing last night when you signed us up for this asshole. But where am I now? Here. Dressed up, I’m playing a “sexy baby” for Hugh Hefner, TV cameras and a bunch of Hollywood jerks.

Then she says, as if accusing:

“Do you know I’m reading a book now?”

He nods.

– Do you know that now I want to lie in bed and read?

He nods.

“You know I don’t like to play a show two nights in a row if it’s not necessary?”

He nods.

“But I agreed, didn’t I?”

The novel moans.

“Don’t yell at me here, you idiot,” she scolds.

The novel twists with all its might.

“You just laid your hair.”

“Nice try, buddy”Sharon thinks.

– Is there a sudden reason unknown to me, why will I need my hairstyle from “Night Playboy” tomorrow?

– No. He shrugs, surrendering.

“No arrangements I don’t know about?” No public appearances?

– No.

“Can I read a book?”

“Yes,” he says with a sigh.

– Well, then today there will be a party by the pool – and we are counting – and she adds for effect: – Or your word means nothing to you?

“Okay,” Roman says, not holding back a defeated sigh.

“Okay, now say it with a smile.”

He smiles and says:

“We can have a pool party.”

“Now ask me,” she demands.

Then he rolls his eyes.

“Really?” Are you short of everything?

– Ask.

Roman suppresses his annoyance, clings to a helpful expression, and gives Sharon what she wants:

“Sharon, wouldn’t you like to have a pool party tonight?”

Sharon squeals and claps her hands.

– Novel, what a great idea! – kisses him and continues: – Let’s go home. I need to call so many people. “

A fragment of the novel and illustrations are published with the permission of the publisher Individuum. Translated by Sergei Karpov and Alexei Polyarinov.

Photo: Andrew Cooper / Sony Pictures / courtesy of Individuum
Photo: provided by Individuum

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