Quentin Tarantino wrote a book about the character of Leonardo DiCaprio from the movie “Once… in Hollywood”

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American director Quentin Tarantino, known for his films “Criminal Readings”, “Django Freed” and “Kill Bill”, has written a second book based on his own film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. About this reported NME.

The book tells the story of a character named Rick Dalton – he was played in the 2019 film by Leonardo DiCaprio. The essay describes Dalton’s fictional film career, the crisis of which viewers could watch in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

The film tells the story of imaginary events that took place in Hollywood in 1969 against the background of the rapidly changing realities of the film industry. At the center of the story were the once successful actor Dalton and his stunt double Cliff Booth (his role in the film was played by Brad Pitt).

Tarantino’s new book is called “The Man Who Would Be a McQueen: Rick Dalton’s Movies.” According to the director, its “basis completely exists”, but the author considers it necessary to “slightly correct it”.

The work is inspired by guides to acting filmography that actually existed in the 1970s. “The Man Who Would Be McQueen: Rick Dalton Movies” describes the film’s biography until his retirement in 1988.

It is unknown whether Tarantino will publish his work or not. However, the director hopes that the book will be read by fans of “Once in Hollywood”. “I think she has a limited audience,” said the filmmaker.

In the near future, Tarantino will release another book called “Speculation of cinema.” In it, the director will collect reviews, essays and other materials on the history of cinema in the 1970s. The release date of “Speculation of Cinema” has not been announced yet.

In 2021, Tarantino published his literary debut – the book “Once in Hollywood”, consisting of alternative versions of scenes from the film of the same name, flashbacks and flashforwards, lectures on the art of cinema and other texts. The Daily Poster wrote about her here.

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