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Pugacheva’s son reported to the young nanny

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The children of the Prima Donna had breakfast with their father in front of the school.

Maxim Galkin with twins Harry and Lisa. Photo:

Where are you Alla Pugacheva – eight-year-old twins Harry and Lisa – are studying in the second grade of an elite high school near Moscow. A personal driver takes young high school students to school. The diva does not see off the kids: it is unlikely that such an early morning the singer has a desire to leave the castle in the village of Dirt. Because Maxim Galkin enjoys breakfast with children.

So, in his microblog, the showman shared family shots, capturing Lisa weaving pillows with chocolate in milk, and Harry ate flakes of honey. Usually in the morning the Diva’s daughter eats porridge. And to the oatmeal add the baby’s favorite delicacy – red caviar.

“Useful breakfast! What do you have flakes with? ” The showman asked Harry.

“With honey!” – chewing on both cheeks, Maxim’s son shared.

“And I have yummy with yummy, chocolate inside,” Lisa immediately intervened.

At one point, the voice of the twins’ nanny, Oksana, was heard in the background. She asked the kids something. In response, Harry jokingly reported his mother’s assistant. “Oksana Ivanovna, we are interrupting the filming,” said Maxim’s son.

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