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Pugacheva spoke about a difficult childhood

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The actress and her family huddled in one small room.

Singer Alla Pugacheva lives in a castle located in the village of Gryaz, which was built by her husband, showman Maxim Galkin. According to the Internet, the star family’s home has six floors, the total area of ​​the mansion is 3,000 square meters. At the same time, the value of such real estate remains unknown to the general public.

However, the artist did not always live in such luxury. In an interview, the diva of the domestic show business spoke about her difficult childhood. For example, the celebrity admitted that when she was little, she huddled with her mother, father, grandmother and brother in a room of 12 square meters in Zontochny Lane.

As part of the show “You will not believe!“On NTV Alla Borisovna advised everyone to sometimes remember their childhood, because, she admits, it allows you not to relax. In conclusion, Pugacheva noted that she does not miss the same 12 meters.

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