Pugacheva and Galkin had defenders

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Not all residents of the village of Dirt are dissatisfied with the stellar neighbors.

A few years ago, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin moved to their own castle in a village with the infamous name Dirt. It would seem that the lives of the villagers should have changed for the better, but now they are only complaining about famous artists.

One of the residents complained in a conversation with a journalist “AIF“That Pugacheva and Galkin do not care about ordinary fellow villagers. They built an asphalt road only to their mansion, and dilapidated houses in the nearest district continue to fall apart. The castle of Russian celebrities, like a mockery, rises above poverty and ruin.

However, the couple found defenders who believed that the negative in their address is not justified. Internet users recalled that the stars have built a common playground, equipped with the latest equipment, and this is not enough.

“Isn’t it a pride to live in the same village with celebrities?”, “I don’t understand why they are condemned? They don’t owe anyone anything, they earn as much as they can “,” They can’t build houses for everyone and keep the village at their own expense “, – they are surprised in the comments.

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