Psaki did not confirm or deny leaving on television

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US White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki withdrew from answering the question of whether she was going to leave her position for a career in television. During briefing she said that after her dismissal from the civil service she would be the first to get some sleep. She did not name the date of her alleged departure.

Asked if she was planning to leave her post, Ms. Psaki said: “Well, until you get rid of me. I can’t confirm anything about my term of office or about my future plans… I am still focused on speaking on behalf of the President, answering your questions, no matter how difficult they may be. And I hope I live up to my ideas of honesty and accuracy. ”

Asked whether it was ethical for her to continue working in the civil service and negotiate with the media at the same time, Ms. Psaki said she had “always complied with the US administration’s ethical and legal requirements” and was serious about it. “Again, I have nothing to say about any discussions or plans for the future. Whenever I leave the White House, I promise that the first thing I will do is sleep and spend time with the children, ”she added.

The day before, the Axios portal reported that Jen Psaki is in talks with the cable TV channel MSNBC, where she may move in May. According to the portal, Ms. Psaki has already discussed plans to leave with the White House Legal Department, but has shared her intentions with only a few high-ranking US officials.

Jen Psaki joined the White House press service in 2009. In 2011, she left her post for a short time and returned in 2012 to become Barack Obama’s spokeswoman, and in 2013 she was a State Department spokeswoman. During Donald Trump’s presidency, Ms. Psaki worked as a political commentator for CNN and returned to the White House after winning Joe Biden’s election.

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