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What is the meaning of the phrase “Prosperity of the Republic”, which has recently been regularly encountered in the context of news on “Star Wars”? Let’s tell now. This is a new era, a format that combines works of different formats – already published novels, comics, and in the future are expected series and games – not directly related, but complementary.

The action begins about 200 years before the events of the classic movie saga. The Republic, which is experiencing a peak of power, and its most important ally, the Jedi Order, have reached considerable heights. This is a time full of hope, uniting peoples and revealing to readers the secrets of the past. But where there is light, there will be shadow. The Jedi have a strong enemy and, ultimately, the era must lead to the decline of the Republic. But it is unknown when and how this will happen.

At the moment, it is the novels and comics that serve as the “locomotive” of this ambitious project. The works are published in “waves”, and in Russian novels of the “first wave” are now being published, the very dawn of the era. In general, the events of the “Prosperity of the Republic” can span several centuries and there is no doubt that this era of a distant galaxy will be actively developing for many years. Who should board this starship, and who better to pass by?

Who should read

Those who want to be aware of the most current Star Wars projects. It’s hard not to notice that the creators have high hopes for the project. Despite the fact that books and comics seem to be in the shadow of movies and TV series in a distant galaxy, “Prosperity of the Republic” was launched on a large scale. And now that the audience is familiar with completely new characters and involved in their history, “The Prosperity of the Republic” is clearly becoming a significant part of the canon. So why not start getting to know him today?

Those who have long been waiting for an occasion to start reading novels about this universe, but did not know where to start.Based on the previous paragraph, of course, to create novels “The heyday of the Republic” was entrusted to proven and talented authors. These are strong and exciting works that may be of interest to Star Wars fans, even though there are very few acquaintances and loved ones here (for example, Yoda appears, but rather as a minor character). There is no background here that you need to get acquainted with to understand what is happening – you can just take and read. In addition, each novel has a finished plot, so they can be read in isolation from each other.

The upcoming game Quantic Dream will be dedicated to the era of “Prosperity of the Republic”

Those who love variety in characters and plots. “Prosperity of the Republic” will definitely not let you get bored. There are different characters in the works of this era (who may later return or appear in “cameos” in other novels and comics), different themes and even genres. For example, the opening series of the book “Jedi World” can be called a disaster novel, the pages of “The Beginning of the Storm” readers are already waiting for a military conflict, and the comic Trail of Shadows offers a detective story. “The heyday of the Republic” is more of a mosaic or stained glass than a single canvas: individual stories that add up to the overall picture. That way, you don’t have to read exactly how the same characters go on the same epic quest volume after volume. There will be different problems, obstacles and dangers, and different actors.

For those who love prehistory. The new era will delight those who like to ask questions like “how did we get here?” What was going on in the galaxy until the last days of the Republic? What difficulties did she face and what enemies did she face? In what fire did the ideals of the heroes melt? How, in the end, did you come to a slow withering? These and many other questions will not go unanswered. The history of the world of “Star Wars” unfolds before our eyes.

Those who are captivated by the ideals of chivalry of the Light Side of the Force.As we have already said, the “Prosperity of the Republic” is a time of hope, high impulses and goals. This is a good opportunity to look at the Order of the Jedi, which is in harmony and at the peak of power. Most of The Prosperity of the Republic affirms that the history of Star Wars is, above all, the history of the Jedi. Do you want to immerse yourself in the life, aspirations and aspirations of the adherents of the Golden Age Force? Now it can be done.

You should not undertake the “Prosperity of the Republic” if «

You are a fan of the old Expanded Universe and are not ready to look at Star Wars from a different angle.To build a new orderly universe, Disney had to go beyond the canon of many saga-based works that had been created before. Now these stories live in “Legends”, and if you have warm feelings for them, you should think – will you not be saddened by the new era, where everyone is doing “differently”? Weigh the pros and cons and remember that you can love both the new canon and the Legends as two alternative universes.

I’m so attached to the characters, in the sense that there will be others in the new novel? This can be both a plus and a minus for readers. Indeed, the characters of “The Prosperity of the Republic” are charming, I want to read about them again and again, but the following work offers to empathize with someone new. If this theoretically confuses you, but you want to get acquainted with the era, the basic advice is to initially perceive “The Prosperity of the Republic” not as a cycle, but as a set of single works.

You have always been for the Sith and the Empire.What can I say? If you are a fan of anti-heroes, you may appreciate the “villains” of the new era. The Sith, on the other hand, are in the shadows at this time, considered extinct, and (at least not yet) manifest themselves. And, if you love the Empire, you may want to pay attention to Timothy Zan’s cycle “Traun”, and in “The heyday of the Republic” the authors focus on the Jedi and their exploits.

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