Promising to serve in the APU, Max Barskikh left for a concert in the United States

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The Ukrainian artist was ridiculed on the Internet.

Ukrainian artist Max Barskikh, who recently promised to defend the Motherland and allegedly joined the APU, announced a concert in the United States.

The singer showed photos from the plane, saying that he was already flying to the performance.

It is rumored on the Internet that Max Barskikh dropped his military uniform and flew to America for a Billboard MusicCon party.

In Las Vegas, the artist was invited for a good fee, his name appears in the poster of the event.

“Max Barskikh appeared on social networks in military uniform at the end of March and said that he was undergoing training and would go to the front in a couple of weeks,” the VPSH Telegram channel writes.

Having published a post with the billboard of the Barski party and made another warning: “Do not contact Ukraine! With Ukrainian artist Max Barsky. “

Commentators reacted mockingly to Barsky’s behavior. Many did not understand in what language the Ukrainian artist was going to sing in the United States.

“What a good real defender of the Motherland I look))))”

“Clown, what else to say”

“A true patriot of his country”

“And he will sing in Russian?”

“Will he give the money to the needs of the Ukrainian army?”, They write on the Internet.

By the way, it is not a fact that Max Barskikh will return to Ukraine. According to insiders of the Telegram channel “Neopra, damn”, the artist in the United States has an elderly wealthy friend-businessman, he has been sponsoring him for a long time.

Barskikh has lived in Los Angeles for a long time.

As I wrote earlier TopnewsRussian rapper Timati angrily reacted to Barsky’s insults to Russia and called him “leaky.”

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