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Producer Kirill Chibisov: “Loboda is a citizen of Malta. Why should she shed tears and arrange a circus? ”

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According to Chibisov, Loboda is rarely in Ukraine, her main place of residence is sunny Malta.

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“It is not necessary to worry about Loboda. She is generally a citizen of Malta. She renounced Ukrainian citizenship. Svetlana has long consolidated all her capital in Malta. Why shed tears and arrange a circus? We all understand – populism and so on. She, like other artists from Ukraine, had the last five fat years, when they earned millions. They are not afraid to burn bridges. When you have $ 200-300 million in your account. All these tears about Ukraine are ordered. They do not pour anything. They sit by the pool and drink cocktails. Who flew to Dubai, who – to Marbella. Nobody stayed in Kyiv, ”the music producer assured.

It will be recalled that a few years ago Svetlana Loboda admitted that she bought real estate in Europe and moved her mother and two daughters born to different men there. It is rumored that such changes were facilitated by the influential chosen artist, whose name she prefers not to voice.

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“I bought a house in Europe by the sea. Every morning, waking up, my children and I say thank you, because we breathe the sea air, there are palm trees and nice people around us. Nobody knows me there, except the neighbors – they are Russian. And no one else knows that Svetlana Loboda lives next to them. Moreover, when you wear a mask, it is difficult to recognize you at all, ”the 39-year-old singer revealed.

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