Prince William was furious at his late mother

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The BBC risks becoming a personal enemy of Lady Dee’s son.

At the end of 2022, the film “Retribution” will be released, the plot of which will revolve around the rapist Jimmy Saville, with whom Princess Diana had extremely short conversations at social gatherings. Despite this, the late Princess played by Kate Tickle will appear in a drama from the BBC.

And Princess Diana’s son doesn’t like it at all.

“Prince William would rather not see his mother next to this vile monster. He was particularly outraged that this was a BBC project. Diana was just one of many people, thanks to whom Saville gained the public’s favor, “experts write. The Sunclarifying that in fact there were enough people who provided the rapist with access to his victims.

It turned out that the prince hoped to the last that Princess Diana would not appear in the film even in a cameo role, and therefore, it was worth it to find out the opposite, as her husband Kate Middleton became furious.

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