Prince Harry and Megan Markle want to return to Britain

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The Dukes of Sussex plan to be “part-time monarchs.”

This is not the first year that Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle and son Archie have lived in the United States. There they had a daughter, Lilibet Diana. Born in America, the couple’s heiress automatically acquired the citizenship of this country.

Many are wondering why Harry and Megan decided to leave the UK and whether they will return there. It turned out that the couple wanted to be “part-time monarchs”: to live in Britain and the United States at the same time. However, Elizabeth II did not like this idea at all. This was told by the royal biographer Tom Quinn.

He also suggested when the infamous couple could return to Britain. Quinn said he had been informed by sources that Harry and Megan would be able to carry out their plans when the queen died. It is possible that Prince Charles, whom Elizabeth II has officially appointed his successor, will allow them to do so.

“Megan and Harry believe that when the older members of the royal family die, they will be able to return and perform the royal duties to the extent they really wanted to,” – summed up the biographer in an interview with Daily Mail.

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