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In London, Westminster Cathedral brought together most members of the royal family from all over Europe. The cause was a memorial service for Prince Philip, who died last spring.

But according to Express.co.uk, Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle were not in the service. Earlier, an invitation was sent to them, but the Duke of Sussex caused a scandal when he learned that he was not entitled to protection, as he and his wife were officially removed from the list of members of the royal family. Not only that, Prince Harry even tried to challenge the decision to deprive him of the right to protection in court, that is, he went against his relatives. A few days before the funeral service, Harry told reporters that he would not be able to come to London, as he would be in the United States at the time, where he and his wife would attend the Oscars.

As a result, the Duke of Sussex did not wait for the film award, nor did they come to London. But monarchs from Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain and Monaco and many others were in the service. And, most importantly, the Queen of England herself was present – Elizabeth II, whose health is increasingly a cause for concern in the royal family.
However, because of Elizabeth had to reduce the time of the service by 15 minutes, and for convenience in the cathedral was installed a special chair on which the queen sat, while all the others (according to the rules) stood during the funeral service.

However, invisibly Prince Harry and Megan Markle were still able to attend Westminster Cathedral. They sent a wreath that stood out against the general background. Traditionally, white flowers are used in wreaths, but there were purple and blue, and among the acanthus flowers are soft and blue-headed. According to HELLO !, soft acanthus is the national flower in Greece. In this way, Prince Harry and Megan wanted to emphasize the origins of Prince Philip, who was born on the island of Corfu. And the blue-headed man is a symbol of the Royal Marines, where the late husband of Elizabeth II served.

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