Priluchny revealed the real losses of film distributors

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American film bosses are already short of billions for canceling screenings of only two films.

World film distributors and studios have decided to leave the Russian audience without the main premieres of the year. Understandably, this is unlikely to stop fans from seeing what they have been waiting for. But for companies that were counting on shows in Russia, such a decision will hurt.

Pavel Priluchny named c Instagram the amount that companies will lose due to an unpopular decision:

Due to the refusal of American studios to release “Batman” and “Morbius” in Russia, cinemas are not enough in March, according to the “Bulletin of the film distributor”, up to 5 billion rubles. The losses are comparable to the peak of the pandemic. “

As for the Russians, the domestic rental offers to watch your favorite movies in the second round. Well, Priluchny himself and his colleagues promise to work actively on the release of new paintings.

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