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Priluchny revealed all the cards about the divorce from Mutseniece

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The actor is sure that the divorce from Agatha did not hurt their common heirs.

There are many rumors on the Internet about the divorce of Pavel Priluchny and Agatha Mutseniece. The stars parted in the summer of 2020, without giving a reason. If the actress accused her ex-boyfriend of infidelity and domestic violence, he denied everything, which further fueled all sorts of public speculation.

For example, Internet users said that Pavel left his wife to actress Miroslava Karpovich. Soon he really declassified his relationship with the star of “Daddy’s Daughters”, admitting that he found in her a great friend not only for himself but also for children with Agatha – son Timothy and daughter Mia.

The former couple decided that they would not quarrel with each other for the welfare of the heirs, so the Martyrs did not interfere with Paul’s communication with the children. Priluchny, in turn, noted that his separation from Agatha in some ways even benefited their son and daughter.

“I have amazing children. They all understand, for them, maybe even better. They are happy, ”the artist revealed all the cards about his divorce from Mutseniece in an interview with the portal

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