Priluchny and Mutseniece’s apartment caused a daze

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Fans did not expect to find popular actors in such conditions.

A few years before the divorce, Pavel Priluchny and Agata Mutseniece took part in a TV show about the renovation to please the heirs of the new nursery. The actors invited the film crew and showed the audience how they live.

While some Internet users admired the down-to-earthness of Paul and Agatha, others suspected that the living space did not belong to the star couple.

“I can’t believe that a famous artist has such a terrible apartment and a door!” Said one of the spectators.

Fans of the couple immediately pointed to skepticism that it is these apartments Mutseniece shows on social networks, and the salaries of actors may not be as high as the media.

“Everyone thinks they make millions, but no, it’s just a profession,” “Compared to other stars, they are very simple,” said fans of the idols.

The way Priluchny and Mutseniece communicated in the frame also attracted a lot of attention. From the viewers of the program “Repair honestlyIt was no secret that there was no agreement between the couple, and Agatha rejected one offer from her husband after another.

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