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Prigogine’s pregnant daughter told why she needed medical help

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Now the health of the girl and the baby is not threatened.

She refused to be hospitalized: Prigogine's pregnant daughter explained why she needed an ambulance
Dana Prigogine with her father Joseph Prigogine and stepmother Valeria. Photo: social networks

25-year-old daughter Joseph Prigogine Dana told her subscribers on the Internet that she had sought medical help. The girl is pregnant, so she scared many with this news, because she was helped by ambulance doctors.

When Dana came to her senses, she told what had happened to her. She was nervous about the news and comments on the Internet about her family. And she felt sick. But the pregnant girl refused to be hospitalized.

“On the basis of all this, probably, today there was a nervous breakdown! I lost consciousness and an ambulance was called. I swear, I’m tired… Because of the evil unfortunate journalists who write fake articles. I definitely don’t want to lose a child. This is the most secret thing I have in my life! And family! I will not offend myself or my family! ” Said the girl. And she emphasized: “Everything is fine with me! I’m home! Many thanks to everyone for their support! ”

Dana Prigogine about her health. Photo: social networks

We will remind, Dana Prigozhina – the eldest daughter of the producer. She got married in March and is now expecting her first child. The girl recently declassified her pregnancy, emphasizing that her term is already long.

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