Prigogine frightened fans with a statement about Valeria

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The singer is thinking about leaving the stage.

Valeria wants to put an end to her career, which scared her fans. The singer is tired of being surrounded by non-professional pseudo-musicians.

Valeria is also overwhelmed by the realization that it is difficult for real talents to curl up because of bloggers-singers. Her husband Iosif Prigozhin commented on the situation.

“Valeria did not want to exist in all this. But thanks to the repertoire written by Maxim Fadeev, this desire to leave the profession was postponed indefinitely, “Prigogine explained in an interview with “Moscow Komsomol member”.

So far, there have been no official statements from Valeria about ending her career. According to Prigogine, this is only in the plans.

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