Prigogine and Valeria flew to Israel, but promised to return soon: “One foot here, the other there”

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Joseph Prigogine and Valeria. Photo: Instagram.

Singer Valeria and her husband, producer Iosif Prigozhin have left Russia. The star couple flew to Israel. On Instagram, the artist’s husband said that they went to visit his elderly relative. Prigogine said that his aunt Gale was 85 years old, and he and his wife decided to congratulate her personally.

The producer shared a video from the restaurant where the anniversary was celebrated. Valeria sang an aunt Prigogine’s birthday song. Instead of a birthday cake, the waiter brought guests a plate of fruit decorated with sparklers. The producer clarified that the visit abroad is short-lived, and he and his wife will soon return home.

“One foot here, the other there.” Express visit, – Prigogine assured.

On Instagram, Prigogine said that they went to visit his elderly relative.  Photo: Instagram.

On Instagram, Prigogine said that they went to visit his elderly relative. Photo: Instagram.

Apparently, the producer specifically emphasized that he and Valeria are not going to stay abroad. Prigogine had to make such an explanation for his subscribers amid numerous rumors about the departure of other show business stars from Russia. Ksenia Sobchak recently left the country: the journalist announced that she was going on vacation. It was reported that the TV presenter together with her five-year-old son Plato flew to Istanbul on a business jet, for which she paid 5 million rubles. Eyewitnesses later photographed Sobchak at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport – Xenia flew to Tel Aviv.

According to some sources, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin also flew to Israel. The star couple took their children Harry and Lisa with them and disappeared in an unknown direction. The singer and humorist do not get in touch with fans and do not post new posts on Instagram. For the last two years, Alla Borisovna has not gone anywhere because of the pandemic, but now she has decided to travel. It is said that the couple rented a three-storey villa with a swimming pool in the village of Caesarea.

Singer Valery Leontiev also flew abroad. The artist went to the United States, where he has real estate. Valery Yakovlevich is the owner of a mansion with an area of ​​386 square meters with three bedrooms, which is estimated by realtors at $ 3 million.

Valeria and Prigogine also have real estate in the West. The couple owns a house in Europe, as well as an apartment in Dubai. The singer’s eldest son studied in Switzerland and now lives in that country. Artemiy runs a large recording studio in Montreux.

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