Prices for taxi and courier delivery will change in Rostov

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Residents of Rostov-on-Don were warned about changes in Yandex Taxi and Yandex Delivery tariffs. The decision to update the tariffs was made by the services together with taxi companies and logistics partners. This will help carriers and logistics companies to improve the economy of travel and orders.

According to the Yandex Taxi press service, tariffs will change in many cities of the country. However, in some regions it will affect the cost of supplying cars, and in others – kilometers and minutes. It all depends on the local specifics, which will be taken into account when reviewing tariffs.

– Together with our partners, taxi companies have decided to change tariffs in Russian cities so that, on the one hand, to improve the economy of travel and partially compensate for rising prices for car maintenance and maintenance, and on the other – to remain a service that is available the largest possible audience. A sharp change in tariffs could lead to a drop in demand for travel – orders will be less, respectively, and will reduce the earnings of drivers, – said company officials.

Carriers themselves are talking about the need to revise tariffs. With inflation at 16%, they cannot remain the same.

– On the one hand, prices for cars themselves, spare parts, wheels, oils and consumables have risen significantly. Even CTP insurance for taxis has risen in price by 30% since the beginning of the year. On the other hand, drivers are idle for a long time without orders – earnings are falling, – commented one of the leaders of the group of companies “Yo-Taxi” Rostislav Pyltsov.

The changes in taxis will take place during April, which will be notified to taxi drivers and Yandex Taxi in the near future.

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