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From January 17 to 23, the libraries of Ulyanovsk will host the traditional VII Week of Local History Books, which this year was named “Time of the Siberian Book”. The main attention of the participants of the thematic week will be focused on the publications dedicated to our region and on the books-winners of the “Simbirsk Book 2020” contest.

Each day of this week will be dedicated to a separate topic:

  • January 17 is the day of online events in online libraries,
  • January 18 is the day of literary travels,
  • January 19 is a day of remembrance and gratitude,
  • January 20 is a day of gratitude to Feofan Volsov,
  • January 21 is a day of local lore for the little ones,
  • January 22 is the day of poetry, geography, history,
  • January 23 is the day of national culture.

On January 17 at 12.00 in four model libraries of the city there will be a single start of the Week of the local lore book and the III city action “Become a local lore expert”. Those interested are invited to take part in the quiz “Our Land” on site of the children’s library №25 them. B.V. Arzhantseva.

On January 18, Ulyanovsk libraries will present a travel sketchbook “Frigate Pallas”, which was published especially for the 210th anniversary of IA Goncharov. Essays on the writer’s travels are interspersed with bright, colorful sketches by Ulyanovsk artist Yulia Uzryutova. By the way, until the end of January in the Central City Library named after I.A. Goncharova (40 Kirova St.) there will be an exhibition of the same illustrations from the travel sketchbook, everyone is invited to get acquainted with the exposition.

Also on January 18 at 12.40 in the model library №18 (25 Korunkova Street) there will be a creative meeting with the illustrator of the book “Questbook in the Ulyanovsk region: a book of literary phenomena” Pavel Klementyev. This edition won the Simbirsk Book 2020 competition.

On January 19 – the day of education of the Ulyanovsk region – the city libraries will host a presentation of the book “Letters from the front. Triangles of Destiny “, which is also the winner of the” Simbirsk Book 2020 “. And in the library №2 (ul. Karbysheva, 30) as part of the presentation will also be a meeting with Lilia Antsiferova – daughter of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War Gennady Vasilyevich Antsiferov, Honorary Citizen of the Ulyanovsk region, Honored Builder of the Russian Federation. She will show frontline letters from her family archive.

January 20 will be held in Ulyanovsk libraries under the sign of the personality of Feofan Volsov – a talented architect and engineer, honorary citizen of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk. We owe him more than one architectural monument in the city. He, for example, designed the building of the city power plant, fire station, Tokarev’s tenement houses and other buildings. Copies of drawings and drawings of the facades of buildings built by Volsov, as well as unique photographs of the XX century can be seen on this day in the children’s library №25 them. B.V. Arzhantseva (26 Vatutina Street). In addition, the collection “Feofan Volsov” (winner of the “Simbirsk Book 2020” competition) with the participation of one of the authors of the collection will be presented here. A coloring book “What Volsov built in Simbirsk” was prepared for young readers.

January 21 – the Day of Local Lore for the youngest – young readers will be introduced to a series of workbooks and coloring books from the series “Look and see”. One of the last, by the way, was published last year on the 150th anniversary of Chuvash writing and is called “From pictogram to letter.”

January 22 at 13.00 in the library №7 “Library of great discoveries. A.F. Treshnikov “(20 Stankostroiteley St.) will be a presentation of the book by a native of the Ulyanovsk region Ivan Umov” All the same dream. ” The guest of the meeting will be Natalia Tsukanova, head of the publishing house “ALDOOR”, where this book was first published.

The Local History Book Week will end with the Day of National Culture. On January 23 at 12.00 in the model library №17 “Commonwealth” (ul. Verkhnepolevaya, 17) will be launched the action “Tatar Book – 300”. On the same day, a new edition of the encyclopedia “Tatars of the Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk region” will be presented. We will remind, now thanks to the initiative of experts of the Centralized library system of Ulyanovsk the working notebook on culture and traditions of the Tatar people prepares for release.

The events will take place in compliance with anti-security measures.

Information by phone 30-11-48.


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