Premier presents the first footage of the second season of “Epidemic”

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The online cinema is preparing to show new episodes of the series in April this year.

The first footage of the second season of
Alexander Robak in the new season of “Epidemic”. Photo: Premier

Premier Online Cinema before the official premiere of the second season of the series «The epidemic»Showed the first shots of the popular film.

We will remind, studio 1-2-3 Production is engaged in production of a serial. The director was Dmitry Tyurin. The main roles went to Cyril Chiaro, Marianne Spivak, Alexandra Robak and others.

New season of “Epidemic”. Photo: Premier

Among the new faces in the frame of the “Epidemic” the viewer will see Askar Ilyasov, Nikita Elenev, Victoria Klinkova, Julia Endrossek and Yuri Borisov.

Heroes change, complement each other. Invariably, one thing remains in the series: evacuation from the danger zone.

New season of “Epidemic”. Photo: Premier

Note that according to the plot of the series, the heroes have to put up with the consequences of a global catastrophe. Habitual values ​​have ceased to matter. Those who have not yet contracted the deadly virus are trying to escape. People who are completely different from each other have to unite and follow in a dangerous direction – to the far North.

By the way, the series was filmed in Ivanteevka near Moscow and St. Petersburg and its environs, as well as in Karelia, Priozersk and Moscow.

We will remind, earlier the star of the Epidemic series Cyril Chiaro told about his family.

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