Premier names release date of Russian TV series “Epidemic 2”

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The online cinema hinted at the continuation of the fantastic thriller.

Fans of the project will be able to see the first series of the second season on April 21 in the online cinema Premier. Many actors, who are loved by many, will continue to escape the epidemic of the terrible virus.

In the new season of drama played by actors Kirill Chiaro, Mariana Spivak, Alexander Robak. Their characters were selected from infected Moscow and took refuge on an island among the dense forests of Siberia.

The series will also feature actors Yura Borisov, known for the film “Coupe number 6”, and Nikita Elenev, who starred in the movie “Summer”. We will find out soon whether the surviving heroes will be able to stay safe and overcome the crises they have prepared.

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