Premier introduced library updates in April 2022

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New “Epidemic”, movie releases and TV series

From April 5 – the series “Hello, it’s time for you” (exclusive)

The series “Hello, it’s time for you” in a light comic form tells about what is important in life, and reminds that no one will escape the end of life. The protagonist of the series Paul is at first glance a very naive, nice and kind young man who sincerely does not understand how human relationships and the world of people in general. The reason is that he is literally out of this world: Paul is the herald of death, whose task is to warn the dying of imminent death, giving him time to complete earthly affairs and correct mistakes. Actor Mikhail Tarabukin starred in Paul.

From April 5 – YOU NEED TO DIE FOR YOU TO COME (so exclusive)

Conflict has been brewing in Andrei and Anna’s family for a long time. Andrei’s young mistress writes more and more annoyingly, Anna, after years of courtship, still pays attention to an old friend. The couple’s children – two sons – have long since grown up and live in the capital, visiting their parents only as a last resort. And here the extreme case comes. A comet is flying to Earth with terrible speed, which will most likely destroy the human world. Against the background of the impending apocalypse, the family’s long-delayed problems are suddenly exacerbated. The love of relatives and their claims to each other are intertwined in one tangle, which must be untied before it’s too late.

From April 7 – BROTHER IN EVERYTHING (so exclusive)

The film was made by Alexander Sokurov’s student – director Alexander Zolotukhin. Picture BROTHER IN EVERYTHING tells the difficult story of the growing up of twin brothers Mitya and Andrei. After the cadet corps, both decide to become military pilots and pilot fighters. However, in the process of preparation, each brother has difficulties that hinder the realization of the dream. These difficulties are different, and to become professionals, the brothers must separate for the first time in their lives and each go his own way.

In April – ONCE IN THE DESERT (exclusive)

One of the few Russian films based on the military operation in Syria. The dynamic and full of special effects fighter tells about the sapper Shaberov (Alexander Robak), who moves to Palmyra to clear the captured city. There he is waiting for a girl, a half-Syrian-half-Russian, whom Shaberov once saved. The operation should be the peak of Shaberov’s career and its beautiful end, but the road to Palmyra was not easy: the enemy is becoming more dangerous, and conflict is brewing within the group.

From April 17 – LONELY WOLF (so exclusive)

A thriller for those who love movies about killers, mafia and clan fighting. The main character – the driver of a garbage truck – has been trying to live a normal life for a long time. He was once closely associated with the underworld and is now trying to break away from the ghosts of the past. But the homeland is gradually becoming an increasingly dangerous place, where every civilian is involved in mafia games. To save his loved ones, he must once again take up arms and show not only toughness, but in some places toughness.

In April – the series “Unreality” (co-exclusive original project)

Social drama about the reverse side of beautiful TV shows. The former reality star after 10 years of living “on TV” is forced to return to his hometown and start a new life. The beautiful story is over, and after so many years spent on reality shows under the watchful eyes of TV cameras and millions of viewers, Rita is forced to live in her hometown, where now almost everyone hates her. Rita needs to rebuild her life, but the reputation of the evil intriguer from the show complicates her task. People don’t believe Rita, she can’t get a job, no one wants to be friends with her, and haters write insults on her car. But the reality show has hardened Rita, and she is not ready to lose.

In April – the series “Epidemic 2” (original project)

The second season of the original Premier series “Epidemic” will show the continuation of the fate of Sergei, his new lover, ex-wife and fellow travelers who joined the unusual family, wanting to escape from the nightmare caused by the epidemic of a new virus. In the first season, the heroes were selected together from infected Moscow, escaping from marauders, ferocious people and “cleaners” who indiscriminately kill both the sick and the healthy. In the second season, we will find out what will happen to them next – whether they will be able to survive, overcome the crisis in the relationship and start life in a world that will never be the same.

From April 22 – DOCTOR WHISTLE (co-exclusive)

The comedy tells the story of the cunning but not very lucky Arsene from the seaside town of Dagomys, who dreamed of becoming a plastic surgeon since childhood. His dream almost came true – he got a job at a Moscow plastic surgery clinic. However, only the administrator. Arsen had no medical education, but he made good money by passing Chinese implants over Swiss ones or selling patients a place in the queue. Everything was captured by him, until another show business star had a cheap implant exploded right on board the plane. Arsen was forced to hurry to his hometown, but there he found application of his knowledge and skills in trade. The comedy was shot using pranks: many comedy scenes were shot in public places where people did not know that what was happening was part of the film, not reality.

From April 28 – MY TERRIBLE SISTER (so exclusive)

Family comedy starring Glucose. According to the plot, mom and dad ten-year-old Lena and Marusya decide to get married. Two completely different and different girls are forced to become sisters. Now they share one room, one class, friends, and most importantly – fight for the attention of parents. Each of them dreams of regaining their former life, and for this we need to quarrel with adults. But what will be more important for the new sisters – personal comfort or happiness of parents? And can it be that a conspiracy and an insidious plan will eventually unite the children?

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