pregnant Todorenko in a white shirt was captured in the bedroom

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The TV presenter received a gift from her parents. She admitted that she will take care of herself in the near future, so she will not make many publications.

Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov. Photo: social networks of the singer

Regina Todorenko is a famous TV presenter. She has been working in television for many years. Regina also sings and dreams of starring in a movie. The former host of “Eagle and Tails” has long been happily married to Vlad Topalov.

They have a son, Mikhail. If at first it was difficult for her to combine career and motherhood, then she learned to do it. Not so long ago, the star stopped hiding that she was pregnant again.

Fans even during the filming of the show “Mask” noticed that she had the figure has changed. And then Regina openly said she was expecting a baby. However, except for filming, she does not appear anywhere.

Next to her is her husband. This time the TV presenter said that parents sent her gift is an eye massager. Todorenko admitted that she was worried about her relatives, as they are in Odessa.

But on March 31, the actress was photographed in the bedroom in a white shirt dress. She emphasized her tan and bulging belly. Regina enjoyed the gift. At the same time, she said that she would not publish, as she was advised to take care of herself.

Regina Todorenko. Photo: social networks of the star

“Are you a young mother and you probably want more children?”
“Of course!”
– Then now you need to take care of your health.

Therefore, my dear ones, in the near future there will be no activity in my account to which we are all accustomed. I distance myself in order to protect the health of the person inside me. Thank you all for your understanding, “the star wrote.

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