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Regina Todorenko suddenly left Russia, leaving her husband and son.

Telediva comes from Ukraine, but she earned popularity and big money thanks to her participation in Russian projects. Recently, the host is working in one of the highest rated shows on television “Mask”. However, it is unknown when Regina Todorenko will return to filming, because she hurriedly left Russia.

Now the TV show is in Turkey. Neither her deep pregnancy nor her husband and son kept her from traveling, whom she apparently did not care about and left alone at home. Now Vlad Topalov alone takes care of their common child while his wife wanders around another country. The presenter herself did not announce that she was going to leave Russia, it was done for her by the TV channel “Friday”, which published a picture in its microblog, in which Regina Todorenko is depicted in an embrace with Nastya Ivleeva stroking her huge belly.

As it turned out, Vlad Topalov’s wife arrived in Turkey not just like that. She decided to earn and take part in another project, the details of which neither she, nor Ivleeva, nor the TV channel reveal. Judging by the footage published by Nastya on her microblog, her co-host, who is far from her family, looks very happy: she laughs, jokes and enjoys the sun.


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