Pregnant? Hailey Bieber rigidly put the gossipers in place

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Justin Bieber’s wife was not jokingly angry.

Hailey Bieber regularly has to apologize for pseudo-pregnancy. The 25-year-old model is constantly suspected that she will soon become a mother. However, Hailey does not hide that she does not need children now.

The other day, the model and her husband attended the Grammy Awards. Due to the fact that the star wore a dress that did not fit at the waist, rumors immediately spread that the Bieber family will soon be replenished. Foreign publications began to write about this.

Apparently, the wife of the famous artist is pretty tired of it. Under the post of one of these rumors, the model left her comment.

“I’m not pregnant, leave me alone,” Bieber wrote.

By the way, the star couple tied the knot in 2018. But lovers have not yet thought about children.

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