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On CrowdRepublic pre-order opened for the publication in Russian of the book “Resident Evil. Abode of the Evil of the Gaming Industry “by Alex Aniel. The author compiled it on the basis of numerous interviews with the creators of the series. From them, for example, you will learn:

  • features of Capcom interior kitchen from the time of development of the first parts of the series;
  • what the creative process in the studio looked like;
  • why there were sometimes difficulties in working with masters such as Tokuro Fujiwara, Shinji Mikami and Hideki Kamiya;
  • what influence Resident Evil had on the “survival horror” genre in pop culture.

This book is also good in that it gives an extremely honest view of history. After all, Japanese gaming companies were not always so outspoken: in the 1980s, Capcom and some of its competitors were so secretive that game titles used pseudonyms to prevent talent hunting in the then young and immature industry.

The whole book is full of fantastic stories, from the first days of inspiration to mistakes and failures. Alex’s efforts are really impressive: the game’s developers told not only about the series itself, but also gave a valuable insight into the chaos, disasters and the resulting magic of Resident Evil in the early years of its formation.

“Early birds” are still available – the opportunity to catch cheaper. We plan to deliver in June.

And other editions of “Bombors” are available in the campaign: about Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect and The Legend of Zelda.

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