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40-year-old actress Eugenia Brick passed away on February 10 this year.

The news of the death of the star of the series “Thaw” sounded like thunder in the clear sky, because almost no one knew that the woman was suffering from cancer. Fans of Eugenia Brick still can not accept the premature departure of such a talented and young actress. It is all the sadder for them to see the near-death shots of the star, in which she looks pregnant.

Such pictures have recently surfaced on the Web and dismantled the souls of fans. We are talking about footage from the series “Nobody Knows”, in which Eugenia Brick starred shortly before her death. The actress played the lead role, playing the heroine Daria, who is expecting a baby. On the picture from the film published by “EG”, Eugenia Brick is depicted with a very big belly – her heroine is in late pregnancy.

The series will soon be released on Channel One. Web users are already actively commenting on the published photos and complaining that in real life Brick was never able to have a second child, although she really wanted to.

It will be recalled that the deceased actress is survived by her 12-year-old daughter Zoya. Now the girl is being raised alone by her father, director Valery Todorovsky. Earlier, “” wrote that the grief-stricken widower Eugenia Brick left a pain-ridden message.


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